Homestead Road Dedication

Ribbon Cutting On 7/5/2013RIBBON CUT READY TO CUT PRADE 2 PARADE 28 PARADE 29 PARADE ATTENDER PARADE START PRADE 1 PARADE 27 PARADE 26 PARADE 25 PARADE 24 PARADE 23 PARADE 22 PARADE 21 PARADE 20 PARADE 19 PARADE 18 PARADE 13 PARADE 14 PARADE 15 PARADE 16 PARADE 17 PARADE 8 PARADE 9 PARADE 10 PARADE 11 PARADE 12 PARADE 7 PARADE 6 PARADE 5 PARADE 4 PARADE 3 CONNIE & HAROLD DON McLEAN LOOK AT ME PARADE --The final touch to the over thirty year effort to improve the road to the “South End” of the Island is complete with the Ribbon Cutting shown in the top picture. A wonderful conclusion to what started about 30 years ago with Jack Harrington and the “Build A Mile Of Road Day” on Sugar Island.


More Pictures from the Parade held after the Road Dedication. A good time was had by all as the pictures will attest too. I hope you can find yourself in one of them sharing in the fun.

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