Is Freedom Of Information Act On Sugar Island “A JOKE” To The Township Board???

Please read what I ask for in my Freedom of Information Act request addressed to The Township Clerk, Lynda Garlitz and then look at what I received in reply.

I ask for Official Meeting Minutes of the act of “Authorization by the Sugar Island Township Board”  for the Township Clerk Garlitz to make a $24,000.00 refund request . I received the equivalent of a note in reply with no legal meeting minutes or motions properly made or supported with a vote properly taken to support the letter to the Chippewa County Road Commission sent by the Township Clerk, for the return of the $24,000.00 paid by the Township for road improvements to Whitehead Road.

Read the second letter and you will note that there is again no Board authorization to rescind the first letter sent. It states there was a discussion “at” a Township meeting. It does not state that this discussion took place during the official meeting.

I am now left to assume that the full Board had no knowledge of the first letter for sure, and perhaps not of the letter to rescind the first letter either. Is our Township Board perhaps “A one man or woman show”? I place below what causes me to wonder and assume as I was told to be free to do by both the Township Clerk and Treasurer after the October 2013 meeting.

 _____________________MY F.O.I.A. REQUEST ____________________

November 8. 2013

Sugar Island Township 6401 E 1 1/2 Mile Road Sault Ste. Marie. MI 49783

RE: Freedom of Information Act Request (F.O.l.A.)

To Sugar Island Township Clerk / F.O.I.A Coordinator:

Please consider this a request made pursuant to Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act.

Please produce the following:

(1)    A complete, accurate electronic copy, to be delivered by E-Mail to or a paper copy, to be delivered via the United States Postal Service, of any and all minutes, draft copy of any minutes, of any kind, including hand written notes of any meetings held, or authorizations made by anyone performing their appointed or elected authorized duties, for the electorate of the Township Of Sugar Island, Michigan, ordering the return of or refunding of, any monies paid to or signed over to the Chippewa County Road Commission. by the Sugar Island Township Board, to the Chippewa County Road Commission, for the purpose of future improvement work or services to he accomplished by the Chippewa County Road Commission, on Whitehead Road located on Sugar Island

For brevity of effort on your part. I ask that all records / files / documents be electronically transferred to me via E-Mail. This transfer is requested in a Portable Document Format (PDF) If the PDF format is unavailable to you. a comma delimited or Rich Text format is also acceptable. Should this request exceed $3.00 (three dollars) in fees of any kind, state the dollar amount over $3.00 and the reason for the charge, prior to complying with this request

If you cannot comply with the above request within five clays as provided Linden the Freedom of Information Act, please so inform the requester if you take the extension election for an additional 10 days to so respond.

If you fail to produce any of the above requested information based upon a claim of privilege, please specifically describe the “privilege” involved and identify any and all information withheld under a claim of privilege to allow a court of competent jurisdiction to conduct an in-camera review of same, if requested to do so.

Please find Check Number 3632 in the amount of $3.00 (Three Dollars) enclosed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jesse Knoll

17 10  N. Honey Ln.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ml 49783



Sugar Island Township

6401 E. 1 1/2 Mile Road, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Twp. Office Phone: 906-253-9353, Twp Office Fax: 906-635-9886

November 6, 2013

Chippewa County Road Commission

Mackinaw Trail

Sault Ste. Marie, Ml 49783

Dear Board,

I, Lynda A. Garlitz, Clerk of Sugar Island would like to request the funds sent to you July 9, 2013 for the Whitehead Road improvement contract returned. You were sent $24,067.00 on July 9, 2013 with the anticipation that the project would be started Fall 2013. This project has now been delayed and will not start until Spring of 2014.

Sugar Island Township would like to have these fund returned so that we can continue to make interest for the township and their taxpayers until The Chippewa County Road Commission sets a date for the start of this project. When Sugar Island Township is notified the project will begin, a new check will be issued in the amount of $24,067.00.


Lynda A. Garlitz, Clerk
Sugar Island Township


______________SECOND LETTER TO ROAD COMMISSION___________________

Sugar Island Township

6401 E. 11/2 Mile Road, Sault Ste. Marie, ME 49783

Twp. Office Phone: 906-253-9353, Twp Office Fax: 906-635-9886

November 13, 2013

Chippewa County Road Commission

Mackinaw Trail

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Dear Board,

Per a discussion at the November 12, 2013 Sugar Island Township Board Meeting, I would like to rescind my letter of November 6, 2013. The Sugar Island Township Board wishes to keep our contract for Whitehead Road improvements in tact.

Please advise the Sugar Island Township Board when the Whitehead Road project is expected to begin.


Lynda A. Garlitz, Clerk

Sugar Island Township


Jesse Knoll



















                             Freedom Information Act Request Cost Worksheet


Pursuant to Section 4 of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, MCL 15.234, t he following costs will be charged for responses to FOIA requests, according to the FOIA      Jesse    Knoll       11/8/13   
Fee Schedule adopted and periodically revised by the township board.      
Copying (per copy cost):      
Copying costs may be charged if a copy of a public record is requested, or if a copy is required to      
allow for blacking out exempt information, to protect old or delicate original records, or because the      
original record is a digital file or database not available for public inspection.

                                                                                               Letter (single-sided): 5  cents per page

Letter (double-sided):__ cents per page Legal (single-sided):__ cents per page Legal(double-sided):__cents per page

                     Other:__________________________________ Cost per page:________

 Other Media (tape/disk/drive): _______________________  Cost:__________

Number of pages:x 2X                                    =X _________________


 X x


Total Cost$_.10$_________  
Labor Cost for Copying (hourly wage): Number of minutes: Total Cost  

Hourly Wage Charged:    $7.40

x             /          = $ _.12.  
Mailing: Number of envelopes: Total Cost  

                                                                              No. 10 Business Envelope:    cents

                                                                                                9 x 12 Envelope:     cents

10 x 13 Envelope: – cents

Other: – cents

X         1           XXX    

Postage (select method): $.46_per stamp

$_______ per pound
$_____ per package

Actual Postage: xIX X  

Labor Cost for Separating Exempt from Non-Exempt Information (hourly wage):

Due to the nature of the request, a labor charge may be charged for the search, examination, review,      

and (if appropriate) the deletion and separation of exempt from non-exempt information as provided in


Section 4 of the Freedom of Information Act, MCL 15.234. This fee is being charged because failure to

do so would result in unreasonably high costs to the township, specifically: Number of minutes:X      2                 = Total Cost                           $     .24      

Hourly Wage Charged:   7.40  




Proof or Affidavit of Indigency Submitted

Subtract $20.00 $—–  
  Estimated Cost $ 1.02  
Note: Estimated Cost Exceeds $50.00. Good Faith Deposit of 50% Required Before Request Will Be Processed 50% Deposit Date Paid: 11/8/13  $3.00  
  Balance Due    

Note: Request Will Be Processed,

But Balance Must Be Paid Before Copies May Be Picked Up, Delivered, or Mailed

Date Paid: 11/14/13 $ 1.02  


(June 2011)